Meet the Developers Coming to the 2017 Made In Rochester Game Festival

Game developers from all across the Rochester area will converge on the Irondequoit Public Library on September 30 for the first-ever Made In Rochester Game Festival. Play some amazing games, and meet the people behind your favorite (and soon-to-be-favorite) games.

Whether you’re a tabletop gamer or a video game fan, you’ll find something new at the Made In Rochester Game Festival. Below you’ll find a list of all the developers and groups attending the 2017 Made In Rochester Game Festival…

MAGIC at RIT provides and enables a broad range of research, development, educational, and entrepreneurial activities in support of the exploration of Media, Arts, Games, Interaction, and Creativity in the broadest possible sense.

MAGIC at RIT is also home to MAGIC Spell Studios, a publisher and distributor of games, apps, educational software, digital media, and associated services. (

ROC Game Dev
ROC Game Dev is a group dedicated to bringing together game development enthusiasts, hobbyists, and anyone interested in making video games. Whether you’re a developer, artist, musician, programmer, streamer, or totally new to game development, you’re more than welcome to join the group, partake in discussion, and attend the meetups. No prior experience or projects to show needed. Come hang!

Organizers from ROC Game Dev will show entries from the recent Rochester Game Jam. (

Aesthetician Labs
Aesthetician Labs is working on Crazy Platez, a game where you play as a driver dashing haphazardly across the city to deliver as many plates as possible. (

Bad Games
Bad Games has created Which Friend, a social tabletop game that was designed to bring friends together. It promotes interaction and laughter as the question cards tend to bring up old stories and funny instances that are unique to each set of friends that play the game. It involves thought and strategy, and is a great way to see which of your friends knows each other best.

Bread Machine
Bread Machine is an independent game design and development studio located in Upstate New York. Their most recent game is Deathstate for the PC and PS4.

Deathstate is a single player bullet hell/shmup/action RPG with roguelike elements set in a bizarre world of dimensional exploration. (

Burgee Games
Burgee Games is currently working on Azure Sky Project.

Azure Sky Project is a 2D Action Shooter with elements of whatever you want. Stealth? Brute Force? Sniping? You can tackle the missions however you like. (

Burn That Bridge Studios
Burn That Bridge Studios is currently working on Mavericks of the Magnificent West, which asks, “How lawless would the Wild West be if guns shot fire, rain, or even trains?” Players will pick their battles and seek revenge in this fast-paced tactical action RPG.

Dennis McCorry
Dennis McCorry is currently working on The Sword and the Slime, a 2D pixel art side-scrolling platformer where players control a free floating magical sword with the mouse. But they cannot stray too far from the various creatures and characters they’re magically bound to during the game. So the player is tasked with protecting, following, or even leading (both directly and indirectly) the creatures the sword is bound to.

Funkitron is a mobile casual game developer, and their most recent game is Cascade.

Cascade combines slots and match-3 gameplay in a unique matching puzzle game. Join Jasper the Mole on his adventure through 30 lands to complete over 450 colorful levels. Spin for gems and send them cascading with matches of three or more. The larger the match, the higher your score. (

Imaginary Monsters
Peter Lazarski makes comics and games under the name Imaginary Monsters, including Halloween Forever for the PC.

Something mysterious is happening in the pumpkin patch this Halloween in Halloween Forever. You control Pumpkin Man, a humanoid pumpkin thing animated by occult forces on a quest to discover why things are so creepy. And you vomit candy corn. (

Inverted Productions
Zachary Yaro uses the name Inverted Productions as a designer and developer of various games and pieces of software, including Banana Split.

Banana Split is a sweet fast-paced couch competitive game that combines third-person shooter gameplay, real-time strategy mechanics, and heaps of dessert puns. (

Letiman Games
Letiman Games is company focusing on board game design and publishing. They were founded in 2013 and have been focusing on great gateway games that are fantastic for groups of just adults, but are accessible to kids as well. Their latest game is Groves.

Groves is a unique strategy game that combines worker placement with bag building. There are multiple worker types that a guardian can summon to reap the benefits of the land. Using any worker-type will gain you a land’s ability but using a worker that is elementally linked to that land type will also earn you an additional ability to edge you closer to gaining the crown. (

Rasklz Publishing
Rasklz Publishing is currently working on Cheating Death, a tabletop game that follows the adage, “Life sucks, and then you die.”

In Cheating Death, players will need to outlive their friends and family! Avoid stacking up awful Afflictions and use Cheat cards to evade death and sabotage your opponents. (

Steve Reinagel
Steve Reinagel is a tabletop game developer who has created Lost Sea, a single-evening RPG adventure, and Pandemonium City, a superhero game where players save the city.

Tremorworks was founded in 2006 by two guys with a passion for innovation in games, with a goal of providing innovative and groundbreaking games to tabletop game enthusiasts around the world.

The Paragon Universal RPG is a “flexible and adaptable” system for tabletop RPGs. And Demongate High is a tabletop RPG with a plethora of plot hooks to explore the supernatural school. (

Zucchini People Games
Zucchini People Games develops tabletop and video games in Rochester.

Kingdom Dispatcher is a classic turn-based RPG influenced by some board game design philosophies. Eternal Dynasty is an area control game set in ancient China where players take on the role of ruling families who pass the mantle of leadership from generation to generation. And Hero Brigade is a self-contained deck-building and card-battling game with a superhero theme. (

Author: John - ROC Game Fest Organizer

John is a lifelong Rochester resident and he's been playing games for as long as he can remember. If you'd like to get in touch with John, or any of the ROC Game Fest organizers, please direct all questions and feedback to our Contact Form.